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Welcome to.... The Maryland Paranormal Investigations Society
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About us

We are a team of skilled and well equipped paranormal researchers and investigators. We have conducted investigations at some of America's most haunted places including prisons, asylums and hospitals. During these investigations we have captured some of the most compelling evidence of the paranormal. We don't do it for fame, or money. We dont want our own TV show. All we want is to gather evidence and share it with believers and non-believers alike. We also spend time doing Urban Exploration (exploring abandoned places not believed to be haunted). 


We are currently looking to expand out team in the hopes of covering more ground and gaining different perspectives during out investigations. If you have a passion for the paranormal, and would like to join us on our investigations, please email info@mdpis.org. All inquires welcome. No experience required. The only requirment is that you have a passion for seeking the truth about the paranormal.